Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holiday abc

ascending a mountain 

brushed my teeth 

cooked quiche dinner 

drank ginger beer 

explored Mt Thomas 

fidgeting with a knife 

glided in a game 

helped my dad clean the garden

I ate Hatchi Hatchi 

jumped on my tramp 

kick a ball in the park

lay on my bed 

meet Milo 

nibbled on my fish 

opened the door

played Just Cause 3 

quickly ran to Jay's room when his dog attacked 

rested on my bed 

slide down the hydro slide 

trudged to the laundry room 

united with Jay 

visited Gabriel

watched Netflix and ate cookies 

xed on bowling 

yelled at my dog 

zoomed around the block 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Camp poem

Kiri’s glowing lantern flickered out as the game of Spotlight began.
Then red bleeding arm aches as the person falls.
The thief like, hooded characters sink into the shadows to sneak to the playground without being sighted.
White blinding torch’s hit people as they sprint to the playground.
People rush to claim the the hiding spots.
The bleeding victim is carried to the cold chair ready for triage. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

My place 2

Crispy sand crumbles as I walk past.
Prickling grass tickles my nostrils as I fall into a dream.
Floating flowers land on my palm.
The piercing sound of the lawnmower echoes through my head.
My mind was drawn into the book as I lay clumsily on the grass.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Discovery time 3/15/2016

Today at discovery time I worked on my planter boxes with Andre, Gabriel, Todd and Pierre. I worked at Daren's shed.

The role I played was to sand everything down and to measure so it was the perfect length.

The strategy I used was to saw things because I am not very good at cutting, so I got little pieces of wood to practice on. 
I used this because when I cut later I want to get it right. 

Something new I have learnt is how to make everything in a straight line so when someone comes to saw they will saw in the right line.

A struggle for me was to saw it right because the first attempt I made it was really crooked and so I would like to practice. 

I showed a growth mindset by not giving up when we started mucking around and not getting anything done.

Next discovery time I want to show improvement by not wasting any time and finish one planter box.

Overall I think we can get more done and finish one planter box.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My special place

The dark forest as black as night sways in the wind. 
My cracked lantern flickers on and off.
I see tall and spiky grass flatten as I walk.
The burnt torch dies as the wind comes past.
The crunchy hard bark drops from the tree. 
My fresh new book turns the pages from the wind.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


When the machine started I could hear it rumbling. Then I could smell the butter when we looked from the top there was a tornado of popcorn. Then the popcorn spewed out like a wave. When the teacher started passing it around I thought it would taste like butter but it didn't it was just plain old popcorn. When I swallowed it the popcorn left a buttery taste that would not go away. After we had all tasted the popcorn we made another bowl then when the machine started wave two.The popcorn started to fly out people started catching the popcorn and eating. I wish I got one, and then out of the blue One flew to me, it felt very smooth like the desert and some of it was bumpy like rocky mountains. One part of the tiny popcorn was burnt, and when the popcorn is burnt it doesn't taste very nice...

Sunday, 29 November 2015

My dream sandwich

Mayo the colour of a white cloud and spicy mustard, is smudged onto the bread that is the base of my sandwich. Freshly carved Ham from a fat pig is layered on the base. Verdant, leafy lettuce and sliced cheese is positioned on the ham. Finally the last ingredient, a tomato with a gooey inside top it off.